Work & Process
Austin Based
Product Designer
Week 8 and 9 of Smart Design


It’s been incredibly busy these past two weeks, all of my days have been blurred into working on two products. Most of my time has been leaning into one of the two products, as this entire week we’ve been waiting on a factory to spec out some materials we requested last week. 

On top of the two products, ( real work ) I’ve been working on my own intern project which is a way for interns here to apply Smart Design’s working process into a project that relates to something I’m really interested in. This project I’m actually allowed to talk about, but I’ll let it be a surprise and tell you guys about it later.

I’ve managed to compress two weeks into this really short post, which is a good thing for me I think, It’s been a hard two weeks for me and I’m really tired. This place is still a blast to work at though, I’ve been learning so much and absorbing hella design skills/processes, which is always a great plus.

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